Calling all Gamers!

Welcome n00bs,

Thanks for visiting the GRITTY GAMERS official website, I’m glad you’ve joined us. Let me start off with a bit of background info on what I plan to do with this website and who the GRITTY GAMERS really are.

This website was created with the sole purpose of bringing hardcore gamers together. I, myself, am a passionate gamer and I wanted to create a platform that allowed me to report on all things gaming, while also spreading my knowledge of games to others who find it difficult to put down a controller. The GRITTY GAMERS crew is made up of me, So_Breezy, and two of my close friends who share my same love of gaming (you will be seeing posts from them in the future). The three of us can be greatly considered as HUGE nerds who, on top of games, share a love of anime, comics, manga, superheroes, and pretty much anything else that can be considered as “geeky.”

Oh, and check out our YouTube channels. On top of writing articles, we’ll be providing the community with videos for all the games we cover so you can see us in action. Man, I hope you guys are as excited as I am! I’ll leave a link to one of my videos at the bottom of this post.

We hope to bring you all great articles and videos that will scratch that gaming itch, see you soon!




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