New Iron Fist Trailer (Doesn’t Impress Fans)

Today I watched the trailer for the new Iron Fist series and I have to say, I’m not too thrilled for it’s release. Netflix is stranger to creating series out of Marvel comic’s lesser know heroes and with their previous releases, they sure have delivered. In the wake of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage, Iron Fist has some big shoes to fill if it wants to be as well accepted as those titles. And yet, the trailer leaves me feeling as if they are already on the wrong track to delivering an awesome show.

Iron Fist is a promising character. He has a great backstory and plenty of enemies to choose from, so the writers have a lot of leg room when it comes to developing a decent plot, which is not my problem with what was shown in the trailer. After watching Dare Devil and Jessica Jones, you get that thrilling rush of adrenaline when either one of them get attacked when surrounded by a room full of criminals. With each punch and kick, the battle escalates and your eyes are locked in to what you are watching. Even though you know its all made up and you’re watching a tv series, you don’t return to reality until the credits start rolling. Edge of your seat thrill! Thats how any action series is supposed to be, right? Well, I don’t think those same feelings will be replicated when watching Iron Fist. When taking a look at the trailer, it didn’t seem real. The choreography was clunky and so were the generic sounding punches thrown from the actors. Recently there was another video which surfaced, featuring Collen Wing, another character in the Iron Fist series, and my disappointments were further established. The clip showed Colleen Wing facing off against two huge fighters, locked in a caged. Colleen is a small japaneese woman and the two men are at least double her size, and despite being hit a couple of times you never see any indication of any damage to either of them. And I couldn’t help but notice that the fighting was so unbelelievably UNREALISTIC that I wasn’t able to enjoy it. Maybe I’m just being too picky, I don’t know. I’m still planning on wathcing the series in its entirety March 17 on Netflix. Hopefully the fighting will prove to much better than I assume.


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