Will For Honor Be Worth The 60 Bucks?

Last night I couldn’t contain my excitement when I began my download of the beta for the highly anticipated fighting game, For Honor. I sat down and got my download started, only to find out the game needs a full 27 GB to fully download! Seriously?! I was forced to contain my excitement for over an hour before I would be able to wield the powerful battleaxes from the ferocious Vikings. Finally, I was given the “ready to start” notification from Xbox and I was good to go. Here’s my personal take on what I experienced with the game.

Right off the bat you are thrown into an action cinematic in which 3 heroes, one from each of the three factions, face off against each other in a desperate battle for survival and resources, this of course, is the justification and reasoning of why the three factions are facing off against each other in the first place. After watching the entertaining cinematic, put into a tutorial battle where you learn all the basics of the unique fighting system, and for all you self-proclaimed “veteran” gamers out there, it is ABSOLUTELY necessary! The unique combat style takes a lot of getting used to. It’s essentially a chess match, trying to figure out your opponents next move so you can time the perfect counter attack and land a devastating blow. I’m not the best gamer but I’m still able to grasp the basics when it comes to fighting games, but this game will take some getting used to. After you make it through the tutorial, you must face off against AI in a best three out of five 1V1 battle. Upon completion, you are granted access to the multiplayer modes and given the opportunity to experience all out mayhem and carnage.

My favorite game mode was Dominion. In dominion, you are your team try to capture and hold three zones on the battlefield, all while fighting 4 other players on the opposite team. The middle zone (B) is constantly overrun by NPCs that fight each other for control of B. It feels like a real battle in the old ages! When I spawn in, I always go straight for B. Running behind all my NPCs (I like to call them minions) straight to the middle of the battlefield, you are almost always met by another hero with the same objective as yours, kill anyone who tries to take B! You and the other seven players are the Kings of the battlefield, while your “minions” are like the pawns. With each hack and slash, the minions are thrown to the side in one fatal strike, but it’s a different story when going toe to toe against another player. During all the action, you must do battle with the other player.

Dominion Game mode is based off a point system, like most domination game modes. If your team loses the essential battle, you are still granted the opportunity at a final stand with your teammates in a sudden death battle. Your team won’t be able to respawn, but you can still revive your teammates upon death if you’re able to get to them in time, and I usually didn’t have enough time to get to them. Being outnumbered in this game is a sure-fire way to a quick death. Comradery is your greatest weapon during battle. A skilled combatant may be able to face off against two enemy players and survive but it will be extremely difficult achieve, at least for me it was.

Among dominion, the beta also offers two other games modes, Skirmish, and 1V1 death matches. I didn’t enjoy the 4v4 skirmish matches that much. If one of your teammates are unable to take out their opponent and is killed, things can quickly go south for your team in a second. Having two enemies attack you at the same time and the unique combat system begins to suddenly lose its grandeur. If I win my battle against an opponent early on, I tend to sit back and watch my teammates fight their battles as not to interrupt. If they lose, I’ll try my hand against their opponent. In my opinion, this is the way it should be, the game IS called For Honor, right? Well, to each his own.

The For Honor beta is a great way to join up with friends and battle opponents in a skillful and unique fighting game that’s unduplicated by others. I’m interested in seeing what the full game will have to offer in terms of new game modes and characters they’ll bring. From I can tell right now, For Honor is going to be a definite buy. If you want to see for yourself, the beta will be available all weekend. Also, check out my gameplay video on YouTube!


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