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One Undeniable Reason Why Destiny 2 Will Be Better Than The First One

Have you heard the news? Destiny 2 has officially been confirmed yesterday with a simple teaser image that has created an uproar in the gaming community. Coming off the success of the first installment of Bungie’s open world, shoot-and-loot game, you can be sure that Destiny 2 will be a big improvement from its predecessor. It’s no question that Bungie has one of the best relationships with the gaming community. Destiny has always shown an interest in player feedback, using forums as a way to bridge the gap between gamers and creators. With each new DLC release, Destiny slowly became a much more worthy game, as the players within the community had no problem voicing their opinion.

You can rest assure that the connection Bungie has with its players will undoubtedly influence the creation of Destiny 2 in a way that few gaming companies could ever replicate. We all knew that Destiny 2 was pretty much a sure thing, but I still couldn’t contain my excitement when the sequel was announced yesterday. Me and my work buddies all took off from work on the same day when the Taken King was announced so we could all play together (true story), so I’m a HUGE fan!

Sadly, for Veteran players of Destiny, your progress won’t carry over to Destiny 2. According to the developers, the only thing that will carry over will be your characters appearance. This is actually a good move by Bungie since I’m sure they want to encourage the growth of the franchise and welcome new players by putting everyone on an even scale. I’m sure Bungie will find another way to fairly compensate its day one fans, it’ll be interesting to see what they come up with. Any ideas?


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