3 Kickass Reasons Why Injustice 2 Will be Your Favorite Fighting Game This Year!

They have a huge roster

Injustice 2 has already begun to shock fans with its massive roster of popular DC comic characters. With 27 characters already announced and 11 more to come, things are looking good in terms of the roster so far. With the return of a few big names that appeared in the first Injustice and a bunch of new comers to the game, there are plenty of options for players to have a fun and diverse experience! So far one of the most interesting reveals has been that of Scarecrow. It was exciting to see how the guys at Netherrealm studios came up with a believable way for Scarecrow to be of competition with the heavy hitters of the DC universe and I was impressed with what I saw. Since Scarecrow doesn’t have any super human abilities, they’ve incorporated his only useful tool to fight into the beginning of each scene when he enters the battlefield. For those of you who don’t know, Scarecrow is a psychologist who uses his personal creation of toxic fear gas to cause people to hallucinate and become disoriented. This is what allows him to come close to beating the Dark Knight in their encounters over the years. In injustice 2, Scarecrow will release his toxic fear gas at the beginning of each fight, which allows him to become the haunting disfigured monster who can do battle with these super humans! If you want to see more of the heroes (and villains) check out each individual character’s trailer on the Injustice 2 website. More are being revealed regularly so keep an eye out for those!

There’s Character customization

Not many fighting games offer character customization. Even Netherrealm’s previous game didn’t provide players with the full capability to customize our heroes in the way Injustice 2 does. This aspect of the game alone will call for more immersion in the experience of how players will enjoy the game simply because it gives us the feeling that we are working toward something instead of paying real cash for costumes like in Mortal Kombat X. Having many customization options will also create a lot of replay value, because I’m sure players will want to gain new items for many of the heroes Injustice 2 will offer. I, for one, have always been a big fan of character customization, all my favorite games have allowed me to take my character and make them my own, it gives me the sense of individuality, which is an overlooked commodity in many games today. The customization that Injustice 2 has isn’t all just for style points either. With each fight players are rewarded with experience and with that experience they begin to unlock new and better gear. All the gear that you are rewarded with different stat boosts that can easily change the tide of any battle in your favor. Wearing full sets of one particular type of armor will grant you with even more noticeable advantages and gives you the opportunity to get a leg up on the competition. With all these options, you can truly create customize a character to fit your unique play-style.

The story looks great

From what I’ve seen so far, the story for Injustice 2 looks great! With the title “shattered alliances” for each story based trailer released, I’m sure we understand what the plot will essentially focus on. With Batman and Superman at each other’s throats again, the DC universe goes into a spiral of distrust and disassociation. If you’ve seen the trailer, you would have also found it odd that Batman was teaming up with Harley Quinn in his Bat cave. I have sat down and watched each Shattered Alliance trailer (there are 4 as of right now) and I was thoroughly entertained with the cinematic sequences. The action-packed fights and well timed musical ques all give you that feeling of watching your favorite blockbuster action movie, with the added benefit of interacting with it! With new alliances formed and bonds broken, Injustice 2 will almost certainly give you a hair-raising experience for many to enjoy.

Injustice 2 will release on May 16. If you have any ideas or theories on who might be next to be unveiled as a character leave a comment below. If you would like to see gameplay before you buy the game, check out my YouTube channel, “SoBreezy Gaming.” I hope to make you a returning reader and viewer. See you next time!


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