You Wouldn’t Last 5 Minutes Playing This Psychological Horror Game!

Picture this. You wake up in a bathtub that sits within a dingy bathroom that you’re unfamiliar with. You abruptly sit up gasping for air as you look around and try to figure out where you are. Your vision clears and you begin to focus in on the grime and filth that is caked up on the bathroom walls that surround you. You pull yourself out of the tub and look around until you spot the door, with a few steps, you approach the door and turn the knob. You have now begun your journey of psychological torment within the maze-like home that is Visage.

Visage is an indie developed psychological horror game created by SadSquare studio. The game takes place within a home that has housed many families over the years. Some of which have died brutal deaths while others went on to live simplistic and peaceful lives while they occupied the home. When you awaken from your slumber and enter the hallway of the home, you are immediately thrown into the hornets’ nest (so to speak). You must explore the huge house and try to find out the mysteries behind the deaths of the families and why some were killed, while others were spared.

As you explore the home you’ll find that you aren’t the only person to inhabit it. You will encounter different presences, we don’t know if they’ll be friendly or not, we just know that encountering the different entities is crucial to finding out what happened to the people who once lived there. Interaction with them will be a big part of the game, so suck it up and say hello to the ghosts whenever you can!

The home is presented with so much detail. With each step, you’ll approach many essential relics of the past that will undoubtedly have importance with how you solve the mystery of the 1980’s home. Each corridor is generously lit with enough light, but not enough for you to truly feel comfortable with what may be around that next corner, and this is what makes a good psychological horror game effect you, you never know what to expect as you make your way through the environment. Another thing that you will notice is how quiet the home is, so you hear EVERYTHING that is moved or dropped in any way throughout the home, this will overstimulate your senses and make you feel truly tormented as you make your way through the home. The music that will occasionally be played when something is approaching you adds to the horror of the each encounter. At one point during the demo, the player hears a banging outside his bedroom door after finding a set of keys. When he goes to investigate, he sees that a woman in a white dress and long black hair is banging her head against the wall across from him. The player closes the door and tries to hide in the closet, only to be locked in and approached by the black haired woman. This scene was terrifying. Imagine being stuck in a cluttered closet and your only source of light has all of a sudden broken. As you sit in darkness, you hear the eerie crackle of a woman’s voices right in front of you getting closer, and you can’t do anything about it. Scary, isn’t it!

I can honestly say that the scariest game I’ve ever played was the Silent hill demo P.T. The game literally affected my mind as I made my way down the poorly lit corridor each time, and the constant fear of running into the grotesque spirit, Lucy, made me want to put down the controller with every waking moment. Sadly, this game was canceled unexpectedly, but I’m sure Visage will fill the void. When I look at Visage I sense that the game will affect me in the same way! Just knowing that something could pop up at any time will definitely make you feel horrified for hours.

Visage is set to release in the Spring of 2017. The creators have promised at least 6 hours of gameplay and over 70 DLC packages to be released weekly after the game comes out. The game will be VR compatible, adding to the haunting experience! So be on the lookout for this game and let’s see if we can solve the mystery of this home!

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time gamers!



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