Don’t Miss out on Injustice 2. Here are 4 Reasons why you Should buy it TODAY!

It’s been a few days since the action-packed fighting game, Injustice 2 came out and I have been enjoying every second of it. Between the over-the-top special moves and the unique style of character customization, this game has to be my favorite fighting game of all time. Before you start to throw criticism my way, let me explain why I love this game so much.


1.) Customization

First off, like I’ve said many times before, a “good game” always need to employ some type of character customization.  Right off the bat, if this is included, players will immediately become more attached to it. Once you are given the opportunity to change the way a character looks to fit your particular tastes and interests, you begin to build a small connection with your character. Injustice 2 does this and more by building on connections that are already pre-established by capitalizing on people’s, already unprecedented, love of DC Comic book heroes by allowing you to take your favorite character and change their color, gear, and even abilities to match your particular tastes. Sounds great, right? The things you equip not only look good, but they are also practical as well. Whenever you equip a new piece of gear you’ll notice a slight boost to your character’s stats (depending on the value of the gear you have). You have stat boosts to strength, defense, and ability. Having gear adds a whole new element to the game, and this is what drives me to keep playing. Most gear can only be equipped when you reach a certain level with a specific character which adds so much variety. At some point, you’ll have to get acquainted with each character if you want to make them look their best!

2.) Variety

In Injustice 2, Batman has created a smart, all-seeing, supercomputer called Brother Eye that watches over the infinite universes and detects any dangers that may arise. With this comes something Injustice 2 calls “The Multiverse.” The Multiverse adds another element to the game where players are given daily challenges and rewards by combing through the multiverse and participating in fighting ladders with specific battle conditions. This is the easiest way to level up your characters and unlock new gear to wear. Most ladders are time sensitive, and some include challenges that involve using specific characters to complete them with for even more rewards. Depending on how well you do within the Multiverse, you’ll usually be rewarded with something called, Mother Boxes. These are basically “loot boxes” that give you random pieces of gear for a variety of characters. The Mother Boxes range from bronze to diamond, the higher the value, the better the reward. The multiverse offers a lot of variety. I never felt bored with the fights I was partaking in. The battle conditions can range from random tornadoes forming during the fight, to the player getting help from a handy sidekick who will appear at the touch of a button. The multiverse offers so much variety that players will constantly keep coming back for more.

3.) Great Online Modes

If you’re more of a competitive player who doesn’t find it entertaining to go up against AI, then you’ll find your home in the online rooms. I’ve mentioned that king of the hill mode was my favorite aspect of the first Injustice and it has come back with full force in Injustice 2. When playing online I spend most of my time in a King of the Hill lobby more than anything else. It’s a great way to discover new ways to utilize your favorite character’s special abilities and combos to create a whole new arsenal of moves that you can unleash on unsuspecting victims in other lobbies. It also incorporates a chat system where you can make new friends and find new guilds to join. The only problem I have with the king of the hill matches, or online matches in general, is that the new leveling and gear aspects of the game can make many matches with others lop-sided. When it comes down to it, you’ll have a very slim chance of beating someone who has a level 20 batman with a bunch of sick gear, while you’re rocking with a level 10 superman who doesn’t size up as well.  There have been many times I have joined a room and played with a couple of friends who all hover around the same level as me, but in comes another player who randomly joins and dominates the lobby with such ferocity it makes me envy their level of expertise. There are a few ways around this though. You could always make the lobby private (I don’t because I like to be able to play with new people, so I really shouldn’t be complaining in the first place), you could opt out for a lobby without gear initiated so that everyone is on a leveled playing field, or you could get your own character leveled up to level 20 so that you won’t be blindsided by another level 20 threat again (I say keep saying level 20 because that’s the max level you can take a character).

4.) Epic Story  Mode

I can’t believe how far I’ve made it with this article and I still haven’t even mentioned the awesome campaign (which goes to show you how great this game is). I haven’t completed the story mode yet, but so far I love the way things are going. There is a clear split between the heroes and villains, forming new and unlikely alliances. I won’t spoil anything but you’ll see people teaming up with others that you thought would never associate with one another. The smooth graphics and voice acting make you feel as if you’re watching action-packed DC animated movie, right up until the point where you’re prompted to take control of your heroes. I can’t stress enough how much emphasis there is on freedom of choice within this game. As you make your way through the story, you’ll sometimes be given the opportunity to choose between a select group of characters who you must decide who you want to continue the fight with. This allows you to feel like you have a bit of choice and it kinda makes you branch out and try new characters, both at the same time. With each completed chapter of the story, you’ll be rewarded with new gear, points, and color shaders for your character. As of right now, it seems as if you’ll only be rewarded with stuff for the character you played with during the chapter but I can’t prove it yet since I haven’t completed the game.


Injustice 2 provides gamers with a unique fighting experience you don’t get with most games. The customization options are truly the highlight of this game along with a great story that IGN’s own, Allanah Pearce, went as far as to say, “has the best story of any fighting game.” Make sure you check this game out. Be sure to check back again soon to find out more as I get more familiar with the game. Until next time gamers!

Check out My official gameplay here.


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