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What Being a Consistent Destiny Player Says About Your Personality!

It’s no question that Destiny has a very enriched fan base, and even though it is coming up on its three-year anniversary, people still consistently play this action-packed, sci-fi shooter. When Destiny first dropped, it was the game that almost everyone enjoyed right from the beginning, but after a while, many of us lost our mojo, so to speak, and quit playing altogether. For those of us who felt destiny lost its luster, we’re just looking toward the future for Destiny 2, but for the fanatics who continue to play Destiny on a regular basis, here are a few things you probably didn’t know about yourself.


You’re persistent

As everyone who has ever played destiny should already know, consistency is key in order to succeed. If you want to be seen as an elite player and have people ogle at your amazing gear in envy, you’ll need to put in countless hours molding your guardian into an unbeatable force.

Sometimes being consistent isn’t enough when it comes to Destiny. There will be plenty of times where you’ll be disappointed by the rewards you’re given for a bounty or challenge you’ve been struggling to complete for the last couple days and what you choose to do after this initial heartache is ultimately what determines if you’ll become a top tier player. For those of you who decide to trek on and continue to play, persistence has now become infused into your DNA.

What makes Destiny such an addicting and successful game is the fact that there is almost no end to the rewards, as well as the fact that there is so much content for players to get their hands on. With every new day, there are new bounties and challenges to partake in and the persistent players are the ones who will eventually have it all.


You Value Friendship

Strength in numbers! This should be a saying that almost every Destiny player comes to realize is the key to success as a guardian. When you first begin your journey in Destiny, you start off alone and unthreatening in a deserted wasteland. Surrounded by a flurry of frantic, heavily armored aliens, you make fight your way to victory and make your way to Destiny’s most useful asset, The Tower.

The tower was introduced at a very early point in the game for a reason. Many people may not pay close enough attention to how valuable this social circle is to their initial success of the game. I’m sure that most seasoned Destiny players have utilized the quick and easy “invite to fire team” feature to complete those unforgiving strike missions and reaped the benefits of the rewards with their companions.

It’s all about strength in numbers though. Each team needs to be well orchestrated and crafted for each specific mission (at times) to all work well together and defeat those bullet sponges we call bosses! One thing that makes Destiny so fun is the fact that there is so much diversity when it comes to the strike missions and bosses, so players will have to rack their brains and put together different strategies to ensure their success. For instance, if you embark on a strike mission that calls for void burn damage, you can get your fireteam brothers (or sisters) to together and strategize what will be the most practical and smooth way to go about killing the boss.

Once you begin to understand your fireteam’s play style, after a while, much like any team, you’ll begin to get into a rhythm that not many people could ever duplicate. This, in my opinion, is the greatest tool to success in Destiny!


You Like To Show Off

Destiny wants players to feel unique in their experience of the game, and they do so by allowing players to choose what they want to seek out in a way that many games don’t. You’re given the choice to choose different factions, hunt for different weapons, go for different armor, and even choose different dance moves until you have a character that is uniquely yours.

Now, creating a character that is completely different comes with many of its own challenges and it’s not like people go out and play Destiny thinking, “I want a character like no other,” it doesn’t happen like that. You’re given so much freedom that your character can become unique based on your preferences and playstyle. So, when you hear about a particular gun or set of armor that suits your needs, you’ll go to great lengths to obtain it. So, over time, you begin to create this animated projection of yourself into a world of diversity that stands out on its own.

I don’t know about you, but anytime I got a new weapon, I would go straight to the crucible and show off whatever I had just earned. It feels great when you’re the only one in a lobby that has a certain weapon and it feels even better when you’re kicking ass with it too. You can just imagine all the red faces that sit in front of your opponent’s tv screen staring back with dilated eyes of anger (I know because I’ve been that guy before) and it just makes you laugh because you know you’re having an epic game. I live for theses moments and I hope everyone gets to relish in them as well, at least once, in their Destiny careers.




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