Hello Everybody

Welcome n00bs,

Thanks for visiting the official GRITTY GAMERS website, your spot for all things gaming. I’m glad you could join us. I guess I should start off with a little background info on what it is I plan on achieving with this website, (I suck at this kind of thing but I’ll do my best).

This website was created with the sole pupose of creating a platform that would allow me to interact with other harcore gamers as well as grant me the opportunity to share my passion and knowledge of games with others who also find it difficult to put down the controller, (if only we didn’t have to work)! The GRITTY GAMERS crew is made up of me, So_Breezy, and my two close friends, who have the same passion for gaming as I do. On top of loving games, we also have an unhealthy obsession of anime, comics, and superheroes, so you can expect to find information on these topics sprinkled into our posts.

Oh, and we all have YouTube channels as well, so visitors will be given the opportunity to see us in action. I’ll leave a link to my channel below. Are you guys as excited as I am right now?! I hope the content we provide you is enough to scratch that gaming itch we nerds know too well. Thanks for visiting our site, see you soon!